Welcome to Logikcull Certification

The Culler Certification from Logikcull is powerful validation to clients and employers you value speed, efficiency, and security.

Verified proof of ability

Discovery can be a slow, expensive and risky process. But it is increasingly the deciding factor in most disputes, and can give a decisive advantage to those who've mastered it. Are you equipped with the skill, knowledge and technical mastery to handle the challenges of modern discovery? The Culler Certification is the badge that says "Yes I am."

The certification is verified proof of your ability to find important evidence fast. It signals to employers, peers and clients you possess the expertise and technical acumen to quickly and securely navigate even the most complex discovery scenarios. The program's three levels are tailored to your level of experience, advancing as your skills advance to the "Master" level.

The Culler Certification program provides benefits both to individuals and organizations.


  • Advance your skill, knowledge and experience in a fast growing area of business and law
  • Demonstrate core discovery competencies
  • Signal to employers, courts, clients, and peers you value speed and security
  • Appeal to the hundreds of organizations seeking verified discovery experts


  • Lower the risk and cost associated with discovery
  • Handle document-intensive matters securely and affordably
  • Show clients and regulators you value speed, security and proportionality
  • Validate your staff's skills and competency

The three levels of certification progress as your skills and experience advance

Cullers have mastered the basics of Logikcull search and review. These legal professionals can take on document review assignments, run basic or advanced searches and apply work product.

Pro Cullers can maximize Logikcull's full project capability from project creation to project archive. Familiar with all upload methods, File, Cloud and Database uploads. Know how to setup and manage customized reviews: filter documents through complex searches; and create/share productions with load files.

As the name implies, Master Cullers have mastered the discovery process. They not only meet Pro Culler competencies, but can implement quality controls, draft highly complex search strings, improve discovery processes though account/project level templates, ability to identify/resolve issues throughout a project's lifecycle, generate customized download specifications and conduct training sessions.

Are You a Culler? Prove it.